Joint North / South Technical Meeting
Wednesday 20 November 2019

Northern Ireland Branch Event Details

Date Wednesday 20 November 2019
Title Joint North / South Technical Meeting
Speaker Ruairi Charlesworth Highway Data Systems
Joint Meeting with Irish Branch
Event Type Physical
Venue Carrickdale Hotel
Location Ravensdale, Dundalk
Postcode A91 PR63
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Time 1.30
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More details ‘Automated Materials Testing – How We Can Improve
Safety, Productivity, Quality and Asset Management in
Infrastructure Construction’

According to McKinsey, construction is one of the least
digitised industries in the world and the World
Economic Forum rates the UK and Ireland’s roads a
poor 27th and 41st for quality respectively*. Lack of
technological investment is hampering productivity in
infrastructure construction, where we have only
improved by 1% over the past two decades*. Materials
testing has been typical of this trend where practices
haven’t changed much for 40 years and where some
on-site proceedures can often put technicians in
particular danger. Highway Data Systems plan to
change these facts through automating on-site
construction testing, a process we call Automated
Quality Assurance (AQA).