IAT Videos

This series of video clips was commissioned by the Institute of Asphalt Technology (IAT) as part of our educational and knowledge sharing programme. This is fundamental to the Institute’s Mission and Corporate Strategy as it provides members and stakeholders with a better insight to some of the technical issues associated with asphalt technology.

The videos were produced by members who represent the various aspects of asphalt technology such as research, materials, asphalt production and asphalt applications. The members also represent the geographic areas of the IAT membership in the UK and Ireland.

The videos are intended to especially assist new entrants to the industry by providing a short focused snapshot of the topics covered. They will also assist asphalt practitioners wishing to update their existing skills and knowledge.

The IAT and the production team are grateful for the advice and assistance received from all sectors of the asphalt Industry in the planning and production of the videos. We also wish to thank all those organisations and companies who generously provided video footage and to others who allowed the team access to their plants and work sites. We are especially indebted to the Ammann and Wirtgen Group of companies for allowing us to use their 3D animations.