Full Details - [CANCELLED] Hydrated Lime in Asphalt
Date Tuesday 23 January 2024
Title [CANCELLED] Hydrated Lime in Asphalt
Speaker Mick Haynes (MPA Lime (Mineral Products Association))
Join Meeting with Institute of Quarrying
Venue Westerwood, Doubletree Hilton
Location 1 St Andrews Drive, Cumbernauld, G68 0EW
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Time 17:45 Meal, 18:45 Paper
Contact David Crudge, Secretary (david.crudge@tarmac.com or 07921 891591)
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More details Hydrated lime in asphalt mix designs can improve moisture resistance, improve ageing resistance and enhance stiffness which in combination lead to more durable asphalts. Recognised for decades as beneficial for airport ‘Marshall’ asphalt mix designs and also already included in the specification options for highways asphalts, hydrated lime is nothing new. The durability enhancement having been evidenced internationally to deliver up to 25% improvement in service life seems to be an opportunity to reduce whole life carbon footprints, reduce whole life costs and reduce inconvenience to road users, with low risk.

Note: The name of the British Lime Association (BLA) has changed to ‘MPA Lime’. BLA has been part of the Mineral Products Association (MPA) since 2009 though did, until this year, retain the BLA name.