IAT Golden Awards

The IAT Golden Branch Award £500
The IAT Golden Presidential Award £1000

The Golden Awards are part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the IAT.

The awards will be based on dissertations which deal with Pavement Engineering including, but not limited to construction methods, materials, surfacing techniques, pavement construction, pavement maintenance, test methods, pavement design and analysis of social/environmental considerations etc.

The IAT Golden Branch Award
This award will be presented for the best dissertation prepared by final year students at Universities and Colleges in the catchment areas of each IAT branch. Each participating University/College will nominate their best dissertation for final selection at branch level. The selection of prize winners for this award will be carried out by an adjudication panel of 3 qualified persons, representing the local branch and Council. There will 9 IAT Golden Branch Award winners if all branches participate. The writer of the winning dissertation from each branch will receive a prize of £500 and will be presented with an IAT Golden Branch Award.

The IAT Golden Presidential Award
The winners of the IAT Golden Branch Awards above will then compete for The IAT Golden Presidential Award. Each prize winner from participating branches will be invited to prepare a 1500 word summary of their dissertation for consideration for a second prize. The value of this prize is £1000. The selection of the prize winner for this award will be carried out by IAT Council. The prize winners for both awards will be invited to make presentations to branch technical meetings, IAT Conference and to publish their work in the Asphalt Professional and or The IAT Yearbook.

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