Irish Branch Annual Conference, 28 March 2023 - Achieving Sustainable Roads Presentations

Irish Conference 2023
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  1. Updates to CC-SPW-00800
    Alan Lynch
  2. TII IAPDM and EPD's
    Eddie Winterlich
  3. Surface Dressing, Back to Basics and Sustainability
    Damien McCormack
  4. CAP23 Irelands Climate Action Plan and net-zero decarbonisation pathway for transport
    John Martin
  5. Designing low energy sustainable asphalt mixtures based on their mechanical properties and performance
    Dimitris Michailidis
  6. Perpetual Pavements
    Igor Ruttmar
  7. Pavement Data Managment and Reporting
    Stephen Flynn
  8. Roadstone 60 - RAP Trial
    William Wilson
  9. RAP Using rejuvenators and other additives
    Lorenzo Sangalli
  10. RAP in Ireland the current and future needs
    Edmund Hegarty
  11. Swimming the English Channel
    Fergal Madden

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