The IAT is approved by Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) as a route to getting a relevant CSCS card which is a prerequisite for gaining access to any construction site. The card available is a Professionally Qualified Persons card and you need to be an IAT member at Technician (Tech IAT), Member (MIAT) or Fellow (FIAT) grade.


CSCS Professionally Qualified Person Card

CSCS Professionally Qualified Person Card


The process is simple and straightforward.

  1. Using the following link, CSCS Card Finder
  2. Type into the qualification box 'Institute of Asphalt Technology.'
  3. Select your grade and on the next screen use the drop down box to bring up your grade, then click the link.
  4. Click 'Apply Now.' The system takes you through all of the steps with setting up an account. You will need to upload a photo, input the details of the HS and E test and upload a copy of your current membership status which is available from your account on the IAT website. The certificate needs to be downloaded from the IAT website as it needs to state that you have paid your fees for the year.

You will need to have passed the HS and E for Managers and Professionals within the last 2 years, but if you need to do this there is a link to book the test at a centre local to where you live and also to get the revision information to help you with the test.


You then just need to pay the cost of the card and the card is sent out to you in the post within a few days. Your account is then live and will be there for when the card needs to renewed. You will get reminder from CSCS in plenty of time to take the HS and E test when you your card is due for renewal.

The system works well, is easy to follow and is one of the benefits of being an IAT member.

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