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[Update] Thanks to all the members who contributed. All comments have been carefully considered by the Drafting Panel and the standards are due for publication in later Summer 2021. You will be notified when this happens

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The BSI Committee for Surface Treatments has, for the last 12 months or so, been working on two new important standards which are now out as Drafts for Public Comment.

DD BS 8870 High Friction Surfacing sets a new process in place for the approval of these products. Requirements have been put on place to encourage even more durable products so that, particularly for cold laid materials, the lifespan should be similar to the underlying asphalt. Additional tests are required on the Type Approval Installation Trial (TAIT) to check out the surface and ensure good adhesion, the two primary causes of premature failure. Unlike currently, the characteristics of the TAIT site must also be declared. Higher performing categories have also been included. The product is included in NHSS 13 for Quality Assurance and will be referenced in a new SHW Clause 924.

DD BS 9228 Recycling of roads and other paved areas using bitumen emulsion, foamed bitumen includes shallow and deep in-situ processes, as well as manufacture offsite. Installation of in-situ processes are included in NHSS 13 for Quality Assurance and will be referenced in new SHW Clauses 947 and 948. Stabilisation of material with hydraulic bound material alone is already covered by BS 9227. Off-site production of cold mix material with emulsion is covered by BS EN 13108 - 31.

Everyone is encouraged to provide comments on these new Drafts for Public Comment by the end of January using the form available via, search using the relevant standard number, then either register or log in to gain access to the documentation. Note: it is not very user friendly.

If you have any questions you may contact the Committee Chair

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