Full Details - Future Fuels for Asphalt Plants
Date Thursday 30 November 2023
Title Future Fuels for Asphalt Plants
Speaker Jodie McCann (Asphalt Burner Services)
Venue Dunsilly Hotel
Location 20 Dunsilly Rd, Antrim, BT41 2JH
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Time 6.00 pm
Contact Lyle Andrew (lyle.andrew@btinternet.com or 07789 757187)
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More details The presentation will consider future fuels of all varieties
and discuss their process, forecast prices, long term, and
possible implications of Net Zero targets in NI Asphalt
market. Introducing Calor to talk about LPG and RDME
and what the UK mainland prospects and plans are,
especially for off-grid sites.

Finally, what, as a burner company, we are forecasting and
also touch on plant efficiency and what the producer can
do to make their current equipment work as efficient as