Full Details - CarbonSink Bitumen
Date Tuesday 20 September 2022
Title CarbonSink Bitumen
Speaker Corina Draper (Shell Bitumen)
Event Type Online - using Zoom
Time 12:00-13:00
Contact IAT Head Office (info@instituteofasphalt.org or 0131 3333 953)
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More details Shell Bitumen CarbonSink is a new bio-component binder that locks carbon into asphalt and bitumen, turning the road into a technical carbon sink, with no compromise on quality or longevity. As the asphalt road is recyclable, most of this carbon will not re-enter the atmosphere, even at the end of its life. Bitumen is and will continue to be, in years to come, the best option in building roads and Shell is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our bitumen by lowering its carbon footprint and increasing circularity.

Shell Bitumen CarbonSink reduces the carbon footprint by up to 250kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per tonne of bitumen (based on the biogenic carbon used) and 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent locked in per km of road (based on a model single surface layer with 50mm depth, 3.5m width and 5% binder content).