Full Details - Achieving Net Zero: Sustainable Procurement
Date Tuesday 2 November 2021
Title Achieving Net Zero: Sustainable Procurement
Speaker Chris Read (EKFB)
Event Type Online - using Zoom
Time 12:00-13:00
Contact IAT Head Office (info@instituteofasphalt.org or 0131 3333 953)
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More details Chris Read: Life Cycle Based Sustainable Procurement

The approach of embedding sustainability as a ‘Golden Thread’ throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Chris Read has worked on HS2 for the past 6 years and gained an in depth understanding of their strategic goals and objectives, and aspirations to deliver ‘value for money’ and a lasting legacy.

Very much aligned to his own passions and values, this has put Chris in a privileged position to help develop and implement best in class, sustainability focused strategies, procedures, tools, and systems, that are setting EKFB apart.

As author and owner EKFB JV's sustainable procurement plan, they have taken the approach of embedding all aspects of the sustainability agenda throughout the life cycle as a golden thread.