Full Details - Sustainability Through Durability
Date Wednesday 3 March 2021
Title Sustainability Through Durability
Speaker Rick Ashton (Total)
Event Type Online - using Teams
Time 12:00-13:00
Contact Rick Ashton (richard.ashton@total.com)
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More details Sustainability is sometimes a misunderstood word and is open to abuse by marketing vagaries and journalistic or political spin. In this webinar Rick and Gary will discuss how durability is a key factor in achieving this goal. The recent introduction of new bitumen modification techniques can extend pavement life aiding 'Sustainability Through Durability.'

Innovative polymer modification of both binders and bond coats now contribute to asphalt life cycle optimisation reducing future maintenance interventions, cost, climate impacts and travel disruption.

The session will include discussion on a long-term trial on the strategic network currently underway to fully understand the impact of these new generation of binders.