Full Details - IAT Workshop on Achieving a Professional Qualification (IEng or CEng) by the Individual Route
Date Tuesday 20 August 2019
Title : IAT Workshop on Achieving a Professional Qualification (IEng or CEng) by the Individual Route
Event Type Physical
Venue Transport Scotland
Location 58 Port Dundas Rd, Glasgow, G4 0HF
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Time 13:30 - 16:30
Contact The IAT (info@instituteofasphalt.org or 0131 3333 953)
Register Registrations are now closed for this event.
More details Who this is for:-
The IAT now offers the opportunity to members to achieve professional qualifications. There are two routes to achieve IEng or CEng registration with engineering council, the Standard Route and the Individual Route. This workshop is for those that need to go through the Individual route.

The Standard route is for those that have achieved the minimum qualifications laid down by engineering council as listed on the IAT website here: https://www.instituteofasphalt.org/index.php?id=professionalqualifications

The Individual route is for those that do not hold the minimum qualifications but are working at a technical level equivalent to IEng or CEng. The assessment requires going through a three stage technical assessment process typically taking 18 months and part of which involves writing a 8,000-word Technical Report. It is a involved process requiring time and commitment but the reward is worth it.

Full details of standard and individual route requirements are in the guidance notes :- https://www.instituteofasphalt.org/documents/pq/pq_guidance_notes.pdf

This workshop is specifically geared toward the individual route and will explain the process in more details and give training and guidance on how to complete the various stages leading to the final interview and hopefully award of the professional qualification.

The event is free and places are very limited so they will be awarded on a first come first serve bases. Please only register if you are:

A) Definitely able to attend the event in Glasgow on the 20th August
B) Prepared to commit the time and energy to going through this process, which includes writing a 8,000 word (16 page) technical report.

If you are interested in attending such an event but are unable to make this date and location please register your interest and location so that other events can be organised.

Alternatively if you meet the Standard route requirements and would like to attend a similar event geared for this then please register your interest in this regard.

Alan Ferguson
Professional Qualifications team